we come into this world naked. leave shrouded in clothes. and expectations.

come with dreams. leave with regrets.

come with skin blemish free. leave with deep scars.

come with an empty book. leave with inked pages and blank spaces.

come with a million beginnings. leave with an established end.


we come alone. get acquainted; to some by choice, to some by destiny.

we leave alone.



plunge into the ocean instead of chilling by the shore. take a dive into unravelled secrets.

hike up tall rugged mountains. crave for oxygen in cold barrenness instead of resting in luxurious villas on hill stations.

walk through unexplored lands and scorching sands instead of sightseeing.

feed hungry children in third world countries instead of dining at gourmet restaurants.

peer into the unending cosmos through a telescope instead of counting stars from the terrace.

splash colours all over the canvas. pour out your emotions. ditch the brush.


an open book. inexplicable.

girl next door. ethereal.

childlike ways. majestic.

inconstancy personified. loyal.

diligent gossiper. trustworthy.

extroverted. selective.

hopeless romantic. love-fearing.

void. infinite.


he took the leap.

it was over. forever.


twelve hours of complex surgery.

they put down their instruments and held him in their arms.

“we couldn’t save him.”


a week of long unending phone calls.

she wept over his bloody corpse.

“i couldn’t save him.’


three months of rehabilitation.

his friends and staff, shattered.

“we couldn’t save him.”


one week past their one year anniversary.

she stood in disbelief, solid, cold.

“i couldn’t save him”


an entire childhood of golden memories.

their hearts ached.

“we couldn’t save him.”


a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears.

time sacrificed by a loving mother.

“i couldn’t save him.”


love yourself

her last words ended with “worthless”. if only she could fathom the illusion of worth. nothing in existence has a purpose. humankind, so close to being divine, has no knowledge of the reason behind its being.

but that is no reason to end life. one’s self is the only one to give worth to itself. value yourself. treasure your life. the biggest privilege we have is of being alive, understanding the laws of the universe, marvelling over its mysteries. throwing away the gift of life for something mere and insignificant is the greatest sin.

life is precious. no one can take away your shine from you, except a tainted conscience. don’t let daily incidents make you want to stop your heartbeats. try to realise the smallness of the events weighing you down.

learn to forgive. learn to forget.



i really dislike the fact that humans use the expression of boredom without its full knowledge. boredom is far beyond nothingness. its a chaos that troubles a stagnant mind, pulls it out of the abyss of emptiness. boredom gives birth to curiosity. and mankind wouldn’t evolve without curiosity.

you’re never bored, really. the mind is more vast than the cosmos. it grows infinitely inwards. it’s a multiverse. and human will is omnipotent. all existential power runs in our veins.

you can never get bored if the sea of thoughts is deep enough to drown you in it.


love and lust

that night, her emotions flowed through her tears. her eyes expressed what words couldn’t. she sat staring at the cold glass screen, smudgy with small puddles of salty bitterness.

inconstancy was a familiar flaw. her childish heart fluttered from flower to flower, like a butterfly, in search of the sweet elixir of affection. she held affections with multiple insignificant acquaintances. she never knew what love was. until she met him.

and now she wondered why she had ever known him. why his pain was no hers.

and she craved for his time. he, for her touch.

love reigned her heart. lust corrupted his.